I'm Kofo. A creative director + designer.

At the intersections of creative & UI design, branding, and digital marketing, I’m passionate about creating and delivering effective and impactful products and ideas. 







A brief brief.

A seasoned full-stack Creative with innovative leadership skills.

My core strengths are Creative design and direction, brand management & strategy, digital marketing, web design, and project management.

I am a purpose-driven, hands-on critical thinker, and problem solver that takes a holistic approach to every task/project. Experienced in managing people and projects while leveraging design thinking strategies. Identifying problems, generating insights, creating relevant solutions, and bringing value with a creative and interactive approach to brands with the user/customer in focus.

I’m passionate about designing and delivering effective and impactful products and ideas. I’m always interested in expanding my skills in the design, branding, and marketing field.

Tools of the trade.

Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe Illustrator 72%
CorelDraw 90%
Figma 93%
Canva 95%
Asana 81%
ScreenFlow (Video Editing) 92%
MailChimp 92%
WordPress 92%
HTML / CSS 69%
Passion 100%